Citrus Essential Oils Grow In Popularity

Citrus essential oils are more poular than ever.

A market analysis by sales trends predicting service Fact.MR hints that the sale of citrus essential oils like grapefruit, lemon, lime and bergamot will grow by more than 4% in the coming decade. This rise, say forecasters, will outpace the rest of the volatile organics market.

Citrus essential oils are more poular than ever.
A new prediction foresees a 4% growth in citrus essential oils worldwide in the coming decade.

Much of the predicted rise in citrus oils, if it actually happens, is expected to be driven mostly by markets other than the consumer aromatherapy market. The food, cosmetics and healthcare industries will all continue to turn to natural citrus extracts, these researchers say.

The food industry, especially, is becoming increasingly reliant on citrus extracts. When produced correctly and used knowledgably, citrus oils can effectively replace some food preservatives and can even be used to make food packaging that is more environmentally friendly.

Healthcare professionals are also becoming more knowledgeable about the potential benefits of citrus extracts.  A 2014 Iranian study of 100 pregnant women, for example, found that inhalation of lemon effectively and dramatically reduced nausea and helped prevent retching and vomiting.

Increasing demand for “clean” toiletries and cosmetics is also predicted to fuel the growth of companies offering more “natural” products.


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