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Meet Lisa Barger

Lisa Barger, expert on volatile organic extracts and founder of the database.
Lisa Barger

My name is Lisa Barger and I was introduced to the fundamentals of aromatherapy decades ago – long before it became the mega-trend it is these days. I watched aromatherapy grow from a niche healing art focused mainly on enhancing relaxation to a full-blown health fad with miraculous (and too often, ridiculous) claims being made about it.

A lot of people are making a lot of money hawking the volatile organics we call essential oils these days. And while regulatory agencies have taken a swipe here and there at some of the worst offenders, the overall effect has been mainly to divide those who hold up aromatherapy as a miracle health system and those who think the whole idea is bunk.

There is a better way.

I have been researching herbal remedies – including volatile organic extracts – for decades. I know there’s real science behind some of them. But I also see a lot of fraud. The Essential Oil Database is my attempt to separate the facts about aromatherapy from the wishful thinking.

Photo by Marcos Luiz Photograph on Unsplash

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